Appropriate development in line with new and standard services in the field
Stock exchange and energy transactions

Exir Consulting and investment group has been established in 2017, with the aim of creating an appropriate modification, in order to provide new and standard services in the field of securities and energy exchange transactions. The quantitative and qualitative development of its activities has always been at the forefront of its customer-oriented programs. The company currently focuses on two important principles of innovation in unique analytical and consulting services and considers customer-centric respect as its competitive and core advantages. We hope that we will always be with you in this way in the shadow of God’s grace and use your constructive suggestions to improve and improve this group.

Exir Investment Company Services








Exchange basket management means controlling the trading, buying and selling stocks and bonds, and “etf” investment funds for those who has assets but don’t have specialty in the stock market to make a profit and increase their assets. This is done


Technical analysis of the market is a specialized technique for predicting market prices in the future. This prediction is based on past information and the current state of trading, prices and market buying and selling. This specialized forecast in the domestic and foreign exchange


Fundamental or central analysis is an analysis of a company’s position for investing and buying stocks. These reports are widely used, especially in the Forex and Futures markets and its focus is on profits, economic conditions, production, management and interest rates.

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