About Exir

Exir Consulting and investment group has been established in 2017 , with the aim of creating an appropriate modification, in order to provide new and standard services in the field of securities and energy exchange transactions. The quantitative and qualitative development of its activities has always been at the forefront of its customer-oriented programs. The company currently focuses on two important principles of innovation in unique analytical and consulting services and considers customer-centric respect as its competitive and core advantages. We hope that we will always be with you in this way in the shadow of God’s grace and use your constructive suggestions to improve and improve this group.

The prospect of Exir Group

One of the basic strategies of Exir Consulting and Investment Group is the innovation and movement to meet the special needs of the stock market which has been provided by experts and graduates in this field so far and has always been a leader in providing better services to its customers. Although it is difficult to be a leader in this field, but the pleasure of providing a new achievement and service and operation has injected the necessary motivation into the body of Exir Consulting and Investment Group. In Exir Consulting and Investment Group, there has never been a look at the repetitive projects that have been done many times by other companions. The future vision of Exir Consulting and Investment Group is based on the same principle that the development and quality unit of the group is obliged to put innovation and adaptation to the main needs of customers in the selection and assortment of new designs on its agenda. In other words, identifying problems in the stock market as well as raising and accompanying customers are the special features which are the special attention of experts and professionals of Exir Consulting and Investment Group.

Belief in the preservation of human dignity and all-round promotion as the most valuable assets of this group and converting the slogan of continuous improvement into organizational culture, providing superior services with the highest quality, satisfying customers, and active presence in all markets.

Based on this, achieving the following goals will be at the forefront of all the activities of Exir Consulting and Investment Group:

  1. Continuous improvement of service quality
  2. Innovation and service development
  3. Increase market share
  4. Increase customer satisfaction
  5. Reduce costly activities for customers
  6. Increase the efficiency of services and products
  7. Increase employee competency

In this regard, in order to create a leading and exemplary organization, it is necessary to prove our capabilities and thus gain more customer trust.

Therefore, the performance of this system and its effectiveness at regular intervals will be reviewed with the presence of you and all the specialists of the group, and the necessary measures will be taken to achieve the goals and continuous improvement of this system.

Ali Reza Emami , CEO and board member

Bahman Daroui , Executive Director and Chairman of the Board

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